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Artist Statement 

Self expression of the black feminine body has been vital in my practice and life.It is what I give to the world and how I connect to my audience. Those who understand what it feels like to only be seen as a "body" and those of us who have not been seen at all.




     LeAnne Belton is an artist who's main focus is creating space. Inspired by her childhood, she is interested in ideas about comfort, being present, and the her environment. creating work relating to the womb, nest, and other vessels of life she incorporates lighthearted but under lying dark themes. LeAnne discovered her talent and passion for art at Suitland High School of Visual and Preforming Arts and pursued her vision at Montgomery College. She has displayed work with friends and at local art events. Born and raised in Hyattsville, Maryland Leanne plans to travel the world selling and sharing her work.

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